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Navy Tartan Scarf
Navy Tartan Scarf

Navy Tartan Scarf

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Navy Tartan Scarf


  • Cashmere Blend
  • 12" x 74"

US Navy Tartan History (Edzell)

First produced in 1985 to recognize the close cooperation between the US military at the Royal Air Force base in Edzell, Angus and the local civilian community. The idea for commemorating this relationship was suggested by a former manager of Strathmore Wollen Mills to the spouse of the CO of the US base at that time. The colors in this tartan recognize the inter Service cooperation by their use in the design: Dark Blue for the US Navy; Light Blue for the US Air Force; Red for the US Marine Corps and US Army and White for the waves of the oceans. This tartan is registered in the Scottish Tartan archives and has become through extensive usage widely accepted as a representative military tartan. It should be noted that this tartan, nor any other tartan claiming to be associated with the US Navy, has no official endorsement or recognition by the Department of the Navy.