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Between Land and Sea (A Cold Warrior’s Log)

Between Land and Sea (A Cold Warrior’s Log)

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Career advancement for naval officers is generally considered to lie in progressively more demanding assignments in ships and staffs while at sea and those supporting the fleet when ashore. In fact, beyond these "core" career assignments, there are abundant opportunities in strategic and national security policymaking and even diplomacy and foreign affairs!

Between Land and Sea recounts Admiral Dur's vast experience over thirty years in the US Navy. Read about challenges commanding ships and a Carrier Battle Group as well as strategy and policy assignments, including leading the navy's strategy division and serving as Director of Political Military Affairs on the NSC staff, advising and briefing President Ronald Reagan on critical events in the Middle East. Discover opportunities overseas, such as the admiral's assignment as a US Defense attaché in Paris, working with the highest levels of the French national security establishment as the Cold War ended and as war erupted in the Persian Gulf.

With pointed insights on the complex challenges that lie ahead,
Between Land and Sea is a must-read for the next generation of operators and strategists.