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Navy E2 Blue Coin

Navy E2 Blue Coin

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Navy Rank E-2/Blue

Constructionman Apprentices support the development of the U.S. Navy's vital infrastructure throughout the world.

Supporting the work of the "SeaBees", the Navy's famed mobile construction battalions, they assist in the building of roads, bridges, command posts, and housing units. Eager to master the advanced technology used to design and complete these projects, Constructionman Apprentices work under the supervision of experienced Navy Builders, Equipment Operators, Engineering Aides, and Construction Mechanics. Helping to fulfill the Navy's global mission, they serve as an important element in America's military arsenal.

This coin is dedicated to the U.S. Navy's Constructionman Apprentices, whose commitment is critical to the success of U.S. military operations around the globe.

Featured in bold enamel on the obverse is the Constructionman Apprentice rating badge. The reverse bears the eagle emblem of the U.S. Navy and contains a space for engraving.

Minted in a nickel alloy, this coin contains an antique finish. Each piece comes packaged with a header card that describes the mission and history of the U.S. Navy in full detail.