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The Navy I Remember

The Navy I Remember

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The Navy I Remember 


by Ralph W Danklefsen, CWO, USN (Ret.)

From old Shanghai and its sailing junks to New Mexico and the atom bomb, Ralph Danklefsen's life in the U.S. Navy spanned an era. Present at some the most famous World War II battles in the Pacific, he was one of the first Americans to be stationed in an only half-subdued Japan after V.J. Day.
He found himself called upon to exercise his finely honed technical skills, both on shipboard-sometimes in the most trying of conditions-and also on land. The ingenuity, bravery and determination shown by the men recalled in these pages is something seldom en-countered in the modem world, and is a part of history that should not be forgotten.

Most people are unaware of the nuts-and-bolts side of the 1930s to 1950s Navy, and this book does an admirable job of filling in the gaps left by volumes concentrating on the topside view of history. In addition, the description of Navy involvement in the atomic bomb project demonstrates an exciting and little-known chapter in U.S. history.

A man of quiet pride and high integrity, Ralph Danklefsen tells his story in The Navy I Remember with skill and an attention to detail that brings to life a world unknown to many of us, a time when men worked, fought and died to create the world we enjoy today.


  • vii, 412 p. : ill. ; 22 cm.